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This has been a long time coming! I am so excited to share my brand new brand & website done by the best in the industry, With Grace and Gold. You see, I was a proud do-it-yourself’er. I made my logo by myself. I designed my website by myself. This was something I was proud […]

Why I Changed My Business Name | Rachel Howerton Photography Hey pretties! I have some exciting news! I’m changing my business name.┬áBut it’s something that isn’t truthfully that new to me…or even most of you that know me personally! I’m changing it to my married last name! I got married two years ago. And the […]

Catching Up! AH! I can FINALLY say that I have blogged all my sessions for the past few months! So now I can finally start keeping up on my blog posts for all of my sessions!  What’s going on these days:For starters, I am insanely busy these days! I have a shoot every single day […]

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