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I’m a 24-year-old wedding photographer based in the greater Seattle area. Most days, you can find me snuggled up on my couch with my laptop working away or watching a movie with my husband, Nathan! We got married in January of 2015 after only two years of dating. (We got engaged a year after we met!) I knew from the moment that I met him that he was my forever! We share a beautiful life in Kirkland, Washington where we live with our two pup - a french bulldog & a pug named Lincoln & Annie.

Hi, there! I'm Rachel!

and i'd be honored to celebrate with you!

capturing magical moments is what i do...

photograph and here we are now - 3.5 years into business and happier than ever! The idea that I’m able to capture a moment continuously fascinates me and I’m so lucky to have the opportunities to capture irreplaceable moments throughout a wedding day. My goal as your photographer is to be there with you every step of the way and photographing it in a way that makes your images look as magical as it felt to be there!

I loved photography and I had it as a side business through high school. But, I was stuck between a rock & a hard place when figuring out what I wanted to do with my life! My sweet husband saw a spark and pushed me in the direction of starting my own business. I dove head first at the age of 20 and have never looked back! I realized shortly after that couples & weddings were my absolute favorite thing to

I truthfully didn’t know that I wanted to be a photographer as a career until I became one!

(it inspires my love of photography)

my philosophy

let's not forget the silly things too!

Between my husband and my pups, I find myself inspired everyday. Their unconditional love and support makes doing what I do, truly magical.

my family (and fur babies!)

the heart behind it all

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These are what make me, me! Traveling, chocolate (in any form), popcorn, and Oreos with peanut butter - anyone else? These make my heart sing!

the fun and silly things!

the heart behind it all

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He is absolutely my rock! We started dating when I was 18, and were married by the time I was 20. It’s funny, because I’m not usually an impulsive person so getting married so young and after such a short period of time wasn’t something that I could’ve ever seen myself doing! However, I knew from the moment we met that we were a great fit. I think the reason I love weddings so much is because I value MARRIAGE so much! He works in marketing so he also works from home which gives us the opportunity to spend a lot of our free time together - I am so thankful for that! Our favorite things to do together would be watching movies or grabbing a bite to eat. (We’re simple people!) But we definitely do love to travel during my off-season and take multiple trips a year!

my husband


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Lincoln, my first child! Nathan fell in love with french bulldogs and 3 months into moving into our first place, he insisted we grew our family with one! We picked up Lincoln just 4 days before Christmas 2013 and he melted my heart from the moment I saw him. He lives up to the bulldog reputation of being very stinky and very stubborn, but we sure love him! We always joke that he’s “broken” because his tongue habitually sticks out. You can find him either close to me - he’s a mama’s boy, for sure - or snuggled on his bed next to his favorite heater in our house.

my first child


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Annie, my wiggle worm! I’ve always loved pugs and we knew we wanted to get Lincoln a friend! About a year after we got Lincoln, we added Annie to the family! She is the sweetest thing and LOVES people, but she’s a hyper little thing and is constantly running around. She rarely ever gets tired! She is a chunky girl and will grunt and whine at you around both breakfast & dinner time because she’s hungry. You can find her either playing with socks that she steals from our laundry basket or chewing on her favorite bone!

my wiggle worm


- Joe & Jena

It was more than I could have ever wished for. She's one of the friendliest and most professional people you will ever meet. I couldn't recommend anyone better to be behind the lens for any of your photography needs. She will turn your dream photos into reality. Thank you Rachel for your everything you did for us! We will cherish these memories forever.

it felt like it was straight out of a fairytale.

- Taylor & Rebecca

I cannot stress enough that Rachel was hands down my favorite vendor I worked with for my wedding. She is the most comfortable person to work with and helped to make sure my entire wedding was running smoothly in the meantime(keeping timelines in mind / hiding me when guests arrive/ making sure our videographer was present when she was) . Not only this but her photos are AMAZING.

Rachel was hands down my favorite vendor I worked with for my wedding.

- Jason & Taylor

Rachel had us hooked from the moment we met her. She did an amazing engagement shoot for us and was so happy to include our puppy when we asked. For our wedding she kept everything stress free and got everything we wanted and more on camera!! Our formal portraits are incredible, thanks to her making us feel amazing the entire day.

Rachel had us hooked from the moment we met her.

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