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Best of 2018 My FAVORITE images from weddings & engagements! I’m a little late sharing this post…like WAY late. We’re well in to February but I’m FINALLY sharing my favorite images from 2018 from weddings & engagements. 2018 was one of the best years of my life on both a personal & business level. My […]

Best of 2017 Weddings & Engagements What a year it has been! I’m thrilled to share my Best of 2017! Seriously, it’s been incredible! I remember my goals for 2017 was mainly to just have a more constructive workflow and finding ways to have more of a life again. In 2016, I was glued to […]

The Importance of Finding your Signature Editing Style | Seattle Wedding Photographer Truthfully, this is one of the absolute HARDEST creative aspects of running a photography business. In an industry FILLED with so many different styles of editing choices, it’s so easy to become overwhelmed when you’re still figuring out what you’re looking for. But […]

What’s In My Bag? I want to start off this post by stating that it’s important to understand that equipment isn’t everything. I have seen SO many talented photographers produce incredible work with equipment that some wouldn’t deem as “professional”. Always remember that it’s not always about WHAT you have – it’s about what you […]

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